Der Wächter auf der ZinneThe Guard on the BattlementsDer Wächter auf der ZinneDer Wächter auf der Zinne
Capella de la Torre

The Guard on the Battlemets

Music of Michael Praetorius and Samuel Scheidt

Brilliant the excellent wind players of Capella de la Torre. Tiroler Tageszeitung

Despite Michael Praetorius being quite famous to the broader audience, special colours and different shapes of his work are still unknown.
Praetorius has not only been a composer but also a famous musicologist and teacher. In his "Syntagma Musicum" he wrote about sacred as well as about secular music as it was performed at Halle one of the most important German centers of musical life in the early 17th  century.
Besides Praetorius there was the 15 year younger Samuel Scheidt who worked at the court of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel and also at Halle.
Scheidt worked as musical director at St. Mary's church in Halle and also the first of the towns waits.
In the musical practice it was very important to combine the voices of the singers, who were employed by the court or the city of Halle, and instruments. Sources about the inventory of the "Hallesche Ratsmusik"
tell us about a large number of wind instruments like shawms, dulcians and flutes as well as cornets and sackbuts. Musicians had to perform during the church services as well as at secular occasions.
Capella de la Torre plays in cooperation with international well known soloists as singer Dominique Visse or cornetist William Dongois sacred and secular music of Praetorius and Scheidt in its original sound of the waits of Halle, directed by the composers themselves.

Capella de la Torre with 8 musicians:

Soloist : Dominique Visse, Alto

7 instrumentalists:
Shawms, cornet, 2 sackbuts, dulcian, organ
Katharina Bäuml, direction