Capella de la Torre plays on historic wind instruments, so most of the programs listed here are devoted to this cast.
According to the ensemble's philosophy, shawms, sackbuts and dulcians are highly flexible and virtuoso instruments. So they are also easy to combine with lute, organ and voices.

The programs of Capella de la Torre are variable depending on season or musician's cast.

For a number of years, the ensemble has been placing particular emphasis on "ideas"-historical programs in which, in close cooperation with musicologists, repertoire is put together to a specific group of topics. For Water Music - one of the programs designed in this way - Capella de la Torre was awarded the Echo Klassik in 2016.

The ensemble was also awarded the ECHO Klassik in 2017 for the album DA PACEM together with the RIAS Kammerchor.

In 2018 Capella de la Torre was awarded the OPUS Klassik for SERATA VANEXIANA.