Since now more than 15 years, the name "Capella de la Torre" has stood for Renaissance music on historical wind instruments at the highest level.  With twenty nine recordings to date and over one thousand concerts, we have inspired our audiences again and again.  Are you looking for music for Martin Luther's anniversary year celebrations or from Leonardo da Vinci's time? Or perhaps you are simply curious? Let yourself be inspired - welcome to our website!

Workshops 2020

CapellaDIGITALWorkshop für Alte Notation (30.1.2021)
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Schülerworkshop über Michael Praetorius in Wolfenbüttel (7.-10.6.2021)
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Capella Workshop für Jugendliche 2021 Schloss Rotenfels (6.-10.8.2021)
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RIAS Kammerchor, Capella de la Torre, Florian Helgath - RELEASE ON 19.2.2021!


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Programs 2021

Josquin Desprez 500:
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Michael Praetorius 400:
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