Shawms, sackbuts, dulcian, recorder, cornetto, lute, theorbo, organ and percussion are the names of our main instruments. Further down on this page you will also find detailed explanations and videos. Thise instruments are characteristic of Capella de la Torre and our main repertoire. All members of the ensemble are excellent specialists in their respective fields.

However, two things are significant and make up the very special and unique path of the ensemble: We work with excellent vocal soloists in almost all of our programs. And we have specialized in the so-called "historically informed performance practice": Together with scientists, we work enthusiastically on new discoveries, expansion of the repertoire and a correct reproduction of historical sources. As artists, however, we are particularly committed to our audience today, which is why we constantly create programs that relate to or are inspired by contemporary music.

Did you know that electric guitar and theorbo are actually something like "brothers or cousins"? And as renaissance specialists we are just two sides of the same coin jazz colleagues? We would be happy to surprise you!