THE FOUR ELEMENTS - Music end History of Ideas

With Capella de la Torre we have stood for concert programs that have a "red thread" since our foundation. We are always looking for new ways to combine music in a meaningful, understandable and innovative way: It doesn't always have to be individual composers, countries, events or centuries to build a programe - also parts of the History of Ideas can be the main topics of a concert. With the FOUR ELEMENTS based on the Greek philosopher Empedocles, we invented a completely new way of storytelling combining music and philosophy.

The conception and production of our ELEMENTS concerts began several years ago. Now all programs have been released on CD by Sonymusic / DHM (the last CD in autumn 2020). With the release of EARTH-MUSIC (with the participation of members of the Rias Chamber Choir) we conclude the ELEMENTS- series and cordially invite you to find out more about our programs with History of Ideas here.